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Full board at Hof Kuppen

As part of our seminars, we offer full ovo-lacto-vegetarian meals . All meals are freshly prepared. We do not use finished products and can offer a large part in organic quality. We receive a weekly vegetable delivery from a certified Demeter organic farm. We also try alternative cultivation methods for our home-grown vegetables and as a matter of principle refrain from using fertilizers and pesticides.


After intolerances and allergies we ask the same day of arrival. Of course, it is good for us and our planning if we get details about special features in advance to make appropriate preparations. We ask for your understanding that we do not offer any special foods such as gluten-free bread, lactose-free milk, soy yoghurt etc. - this is the only way we can offer our meals at this price and in this quality.


You can help yourself to our teas throughout the day. There is always a large thermos with hot water in the dining room of the main house. There are also kettles, a coffee pad machine and various types of coffee available for self-service. We make coffee twice a day: for the breakfast buffet and for coffee & cake in the afternoon. If you want more coffee, you can help yourself here at any time on a donation basis. Teas, a coffee machine and a kettle are of course also available in the tea kitchen of the conference room in the seminar building.


Breakfast buffet


  • Indian seasoned millet (vegan millet porridge) or oat and fruit porridge alternately

  • 2 - 3 types of bread (e.g. grain bread, gray bread and white bread)

  • Butter and vegan margarine

  • 2 types of sliced ​​cheese

  • 2 types of cheese spread

  • 1 vegan spread (homemade, e.g. from chickpeas, lentils, beans)

  • 3 types of jam (at least one homemade)

  • Honey

  • Cereal

  • Yogurt (fat content 10%)

  • Nuts and dried fruits

  • Fresh fruits (apples, bananas, oranges)

  • (Fresh) milk and soy, rice or oat drinks

  • Coffee


On Sundays we bake rolls and we have soft and hard-boiled eggs for breakfast. Only in the winter months, our free-range chickens (the "happy girls flat share") take a break and lay no eggs. At all other times of the year we only use eggs from our own farm. Since we do not employ a rooster, we can guarantee that all of our eggs are unfertilized eggs. Even some guests, who otherwise prefer a vegan lifestyle for ethical reasons, like to take advantage of this.

Lunch buffet


We do not set ourselves any creative limits when choosing lunches. Sometimes it's classic, like the mixed vegetable pot with polenta and patties, sometimes exotic, like the Indian potato curry with dhal and rice. We provide at least two different salads (with and without dressing) for every lunch buffet. Vinegar and oil, soy sauce, hot sauces and various spices are always available. Most of our desserts are homemade. Of course, vegan, lactose- or gluten-free buffets are also possible by arrangement - partially or completely.


Tea, coffee & cake


In the afternoon we provide fresh coffee and mostly homemade cakes. Of course, you can bring your coffee and tea with you and prepare it yourself at any time in the dining room and in the tea kitchen of the seminar building . Coffee & cake and our teas are included in the full board price.


Evening buffet


  • Hot soup in the cold seasons, in the warm seasons e.g. creations from the leftovers from the lunch buffet

  • 2 - 3 types of bread

  • Butter and vegan margarine

  • 2 types of sliced ​​cheese

  • 2 types of cheese spread

  • 2 types of camembert

  • Vegan spread (see breakfast buffet)

  • At least two salads (with and without dressing)

  • If in stock cooked or pickled vegetables


You are welcome to bring what you are missing with you to the buffets. A fridge for perishable food is available to all guests. What you can't bring with you, we might be able to get you from one of our shopping tours. To do this, we will put up a notice on which you can register. You then only pay the purchase price according to the receipt for the food or items we buy for you.

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