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(City-Country-River Festival)

Westerwald / Windeck, 24.05. - 02.06.2024

It's almost time: the Stadt-Land-Fluss-Festival in the Westerwald and in Windeck is starting! But before we go too far into detail and end up just copying texts, take a look at the Wir-Dorf website. There you will find information about the background, purpose of the project and the organization and of course also about the festival.

We are also in the process of reinventing ourselves and working towards a sustainable, solidarity-based future. We would like to do our part by reducing our prices by 20% for visitors and event organizers during this time. We will also be hosting several events:

30.05.: "Forest bathing & Co.: Gaining strength in stormy times"


31.05.: "Yoga on the chair"

31.05.: "Who, how, what, why: The inner child"

Please take a look at the many other events on the programme, there is sure to be something for you! Even if not - now you at least know that there is a lot more going on in the Westerwald and Windeck regions than just the fox and the hare saying goodnight to each other and that there are more things in common than just farmer's wisdom.

Flyer Helfer-Wochenende

Most people know this: you decide to finally sort out the old things in the basement, clear out the attic, the front garden looks terrible after the winter, one or two walls could really use a fresh coat of paint - and suddenly you have a long list in your hand that only really makes sense when the days have more than 24 hours, you don't need any sleep and your boss is totally happy about your three-month vacation request.

We're in a similar situation right now. The only difference is that everything is so big here: several thousand square meters of garden, with a few spots that didn't look good even before winter. The walls in the many areas in our house aren't much smaller overall, or at least that's how it seems to us. And we're always amazed at the amount of things that fit into a large barn. And we've always told ourselves that we might need them at some point, under certain circumstances. Well, maybe.

That's why we need you now! We'll be bustling around in the garden together, sweeping out all the corners, letting more sun into the buildings through cleaned windows and much more - whatever you feel up to and want to do. And as long as you're in a good mood. The former farm should become the place it was before: a place where people feel comfortable and want to stay longer.

You can choose your accommodation; there are single and double rooms, a shared room with youth hostel charm, two garden houses, a converted trailer and plenty of space for camping or caravans. You will be fully catered for and there will be no other costs. We want to end the evenings comfortably and look back with joy at everything we have achieved during the day. Of course we also want to have a barbecue if the weather permits! Both vegetarian and not.

Write to us or call us if you want to be there: or +49 176 60351910 (also WhatsApp / Signal)

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